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Wagging Tails Client Testimonials

Dear Sir or Madam, I have been using your services since around July, and I wanted to let you know that the care my cats have received has greatly exceeded my expectations. In January, one of my cats, Poppins, had a major health crisis and almost died when she stopped breathing during a routine biopsy. Because she was without oxygen for several minutes, she suffered brain damage. Shes made great progress in the last few months but she still requires a great deal of care. Poppins is blind, has trouble walking, and doesnt use the litter box. I was hesitant to have anyone else take care of her at first because her problems were so severe, but as she improved, I thought I might be able to have someone else watch her if I needed to go out for more than a few hours at a time. This is where Wagging Tails comes in. Melissa has been taking care of Poppins and my other cat, Bubo. Im so pleased with the care shes provided. After every visit, she sends a very detailed text message outlining every single thing she did, along with multiple photos. I suspect this is part of what the Wagging Tails employees are asked to do, but she does so with a great deal of enthusiasm and warmth. Even though Poppins requires a lot of time and effort, Melissa does so with cheerfulness and without complaint (even when having to clean cat urine off the floor!) Melissas care has also allowed me to take a vacation for the first time since January. In August, I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina and left my cats in her care. I admit I was nervous at first because I was leaving the cats alone for so long. I asked Melissa to visit the cats three times a day which she did, again, without complaint. Needless to say, my fears were unfounded and she provided her usual high standard of service and I was able to relax, knowing that Poppins and Bubo were going to be just fine. I only met her in person once for the initial consultation but even with most of our communications limited to text messages, its clear that she really cares for my cats. I have no doubt she has the same passionate attitude with her other clients. Again I cant tell you enough how pleased I am with the service Ive gotten from Wagging Tails, especially Melissa, whom I would unreservedly recommend to others. When Poppins first had her health scare earlier this year, I had no idea when Id be able to have the peace of mind I have now, and its all thanks to Melissa and the rest of the Wagging Tails family. P.S. For the very first time I needed cat care, Cassie was the person who took care of the cats and she was equally fantastic! Kind regards, John

The best ever! I always trust them with my 3 dogs and 3 cats and my pet rats, hamsters and fish! The staff is always loving and caring and send me texts and pictures while me and my family are away. I can tell that they are true animal lovers as I have met plenty of the sitters. My animals would do horribly in a shelter and the situation in my house is quite difficult as 2 of my dogs need to be kept separated and the cats need to be kept separate from one dog. Its a lot of instructions and a lot to deal with but they are always happy and follow all directions and there has never been an issue. They don't only take care of my animals but they also take care of my house (Bringing in mail, leaving lights on at night, cleaning up messes, etc.) I would give them ten stars if I could!!!!!

Thanks for such a great experience! I just wanted to share what an amazing experience I had with "Wagging Tails." Heather came and sat for our dog Madison for 10 days and it was a wonderful experience. We were so worried to leave our golden-doodle for so long but Heather immediately made us feel comfortable. Upon initial consultation, we could tell right away that she would be a great fit for Madison. Madison loved her instantly which made us feel comfortable when we left for our trip. While on the trip, Heather sent us frequent updates, pictures, videos and more! She even went out of her way to buy our dog special dog food just to make sure she was eating enough. I am THRILLED with the service that Heather provided while taking care of our Madison. We will 100% definitely be using them again and recommending Wagging Tails to people in our area. Thanks for such a great experience!

I'll definitely use them again I had a really great experience with them. They did everything I asked and my dog was safe and sound after a four-day trip. Even got picture updates when I was away which was a nice touch. I'll definitely use them again.

Two Paws Up! I have been using Wagging Tails for several months now with our dog, Chai, and am very grateful for their staff and services. I first met Corinne, or "Rinne" as she is affectionately known to Chai, because at my request, Debbie sent her to meet us for a consultation and meet & greet. Chai is a friendly and sweet boy but can be a little cautious around new people, so I knew meeting Corinne face to face would a long way in his book. In a few short words, we love Corinne. She is a genuine animal lover who treats our dog with care and kindness, trains him in ways we request, feeds him, and is a proxy for me when I am at work (kind of like extended family). We also had the pleasure of meeting a second walker, Robert, who sometimes walks Chai. We as well met Robert face to face first and he was genuinely interested in Chai and really conveyed sincerity in his love for dogs. Both Rinne and "Uncle Robert" leave notes after visits with Chai and it's great fun to come home and read about Chai's adventures while we were away. The combination of Rinne and Uncle Robert has been a good one as we feel comfortable knowing both are familiar with Chai's personality and needs, the instructions we leave, and if for some reason one person is unavailable, there is flexibility to have the walk covered. Plus it keeps Chai on his toes in the best way possible when Rinne walks him in the morning, then Uncle Robert comes by in the afternoon. Chai is becoming more comfortable with people as a result so we credit Wagging Tails for building his social adaptability. George, the other owner, has further always been responsive to my various requests and I feel like the business is set up to be accommodating for customers. One aspect of the way the business is run that I really appreciate is how we can leave checks for the walkers to pick up from our house (in this way, I don't have to think ahead about payment options, which works for me). In addition, a walk can be canceled the day of, for example, which I fully appreciate because every now and again plans unexpectedly change and it's a relief to know I do not end up paying for a service I didn't need. Further, I sometimes text Rinne and Uncle Robert directly with a question or if I come home early, and I like knowing they are within easy reach. In our house, we give Wagging Tails two paws up!

Fantastic Pet Sitting Service We can not say enough about Wagging Tails service, they are fantastic. Our two small dogs are always happy, healthy, and well kept when we return, be it from a short day-trip to a longer vacation. Our dogs are just as happy as when we left (if not happier), and instructions are always well-followed. We are pleasantly greeted following pet sitting with day-to-day notes about the dogs' activities and behaviors, which is always welcomed as we never have to guess where the sitters left off and we have to begin. We rant and rave to friends and family about Wagging Tails every time we go away, inspiring a great deal of jealousy from fellow pet owners who wish they had a similar service. I fully recommend Wagging Tails for the care of pets!

You've struck gold with these three folks I just wanted to let you know how exceptionally well things went here with Claire, Ed and Michelle basically working as a team to take care of Zeppe and Sparky. Everything was completely under control, the directions and notes I had left were followed to a T, and I received texts and pictures after every visit. Besides the excellent care they gave Zeppe, the constant communication was what really helped me be able to relax and enjoy my vacation. I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was about going away to somewhere where we would be unable to get back quickly, and how completely unfounded those fears turned out to be. I felt like I knew every day, every visit what went on, that Zeppe was being loved, played with and well cared for. The texts and pictures Claire, Ed and Michelle sent were funny and sweet and the whole family enjoyed reading them. I wanted to pass this info along to you because people have a tendency to speak up more when something goes wrong than when something goes right. You had complete confidence that everything would be fine, and it was. I'm sure you work hard to find good, caring people to work for Wagging Tails, and I believe you've struck gold with these three folks. Thanks so much, and we'll be setting up our next appointment soon.

PRICELE$$!! To me having someone that can take care of my little babies when I can't is PRICELE$$!! I started using Wagging tails to walk Prince and Princess a few times a week. I noticed how their walkers loved the dogs. They hugged them and kissed them and that made me feel really good. I finally got the nerve to go away for a weekend without my babies, and Wagging Tails made it SO EASY for me. They called me, emailed me, sent me pictures, videos. I now take two week vacations again, Thanks To Wagging Tails Pet Sitting Services. I also use them to stop by a few times during the week to walk my babies when i'm not home. I would give them 6 stars

The Best Pet Sitting Service I Ever Used! I just moved to this area and did my research to find someone to take care of my babies when I'm away. Wagging Tails was highly rated everywhere including the New Jersey BBB. So Glad I Found Them!!

They deserve a medal! I have season tickets for the Yankees plus I go away on business all the time. I never know what my schedule will be. These Guys deserve great reviews to let everyone know how great they really are. They never let me down. Whenever I need them they are there for me, no matter how late I call. They deserve a medal!

Great Job! Thank You Wagging Tails for making our vacations so enjoyable. Knowing our babies are in good hands and our home is being looked after as well is so wonderful. We love how you send us pictures and emails everyday. You really do a great job!

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